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Burzin » Mumbai
We saw you at the ITC meet. It was a great show. You rock Mr. Edmundo !! You do !!

Launch of "Mint Switch" - Gold Flake ITC Meet.
ITC The Grand Central, Mumbai.
22nd July, 2015.

Dhrumil » India
Just Superb... I loved your performance in my corporate event and will never forget it. It was the best magic I have ever seen in years. You are the BEST EVER.

---Dhrumil Upadhyay,
(Partner Business Manager)
Hewlett-Packard (I) Pvt. Ltd.
9th July 2015 - Ananda - In the Himalayas.

Amit Kakkar » Bangalore, India
I have conducted lot of these gala evenings in my previous organisations, this act of Edmundo would rate highest in terms of entertainment & involvement.
"Amazing Edmundo"!!

-Amit Kakkar
Senior Vice President
Head - Sales @ Marketing
-Shishir Mishra
Assistant Vice President
Head Marketing
29th May 2012 / @Shangri-La, Delhi

Rahul Sinha » Delhi
The evening was good.... it turned "Magical" and "Mesmerising" Thanks to Edmundo...
Our evening was made... Cheers!

-Rahul Sinha
Senior Vice-President
Head - Operations
New Delhi.
29th May 2012 / @Shangri-La, Delhi

Fairila » Bangalore
Fairila bangalore
Hi Edmundo,
Thanks for a wonderful evening,,u lifted our spirits,,
ur performance----AWESOME!
I have seen best of magic tricks but none comes even close in terms of the way u presented, pulling the crowd in one string,,
I thoroughly enjoyed ya show,,looking forward for more..,,
do let me know wen u r performin in town'
cheers! and God Bless.
Fairila - Bangalore.
Event: Johnson & Johnson(Medical)
Taj Exotica, Goa / 16th Aug 2010.

Ajay Pherwani » Mumbai
"We were mesmerized by your performance on the 20th Aug 2011 at the Taj Exotica, Goa. Also worthy of note is the manner in which you were able to address tricky situations that were thrust upon you by some guests, in such a cultured and sweet manner that befits the tradition of the TATA Group"
- Ajay Pherwani
Vice President Information Technology, Tata Motors Finance Ltd.
Mumbai - India.

Vasudev » Bangalore
The show was truly world class, I am still feeling it is a dream to me. Hats of to you Edmundo....

See you soon

K. S Thyagarajan » Mumbai
Hi Edmundo
Your performance on the 30th Oct ,2010 at AURA,Mumbai to our foriegn delegates was mesmerising and outstanding. They all enjoyed every minute of it and I am sure will remember it for a long time. Thanks for coming over and making the evening so special.
Your friend
K.S Thyagarajan,
General Manager -Tech Services
AP Division

Sheshagiri » India
Absolutely unbelievable. Edmundo is bewitchingly magical and wonderful.

--Director, Sales - ORACLE - INDIA.

Shailender » India
We were left spell bound.

--Vice President, ORACLE - INDIA.

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