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Clifford » Goa/India
Could not resist commenting again after witnessing Edmundo in action at a table hopping session at the Majorda Beach Resort ,Goa on 02 Sep 09. It was really inspiring to see such strong magic , with a perfect blend of showmanship and impromptu one liners which had the dinning space at the resort transformed into a room filled with holidaymakers yelling for more magic. regards Clifford

Noel Fernandes » Saligao/Goa.
Hi Dude,
Just got to hear about u today from Cliff that u are performing great illusions. I knew from our seminary days that u would aim for the skies. Hope I am fortunate to see ur latest illusions. Take care buddy and all the very best always. Noel/Saligao

Irina » Russia
Hello Edmundo!
It was jus some weeks ago when we enjoyed your fantastic show in a Ramada Caravela Beach Resort - Goa. Never had rest in such a grand hotels and never knew that their staff provides customers with such an amazing performances as yours! I was jus shocked. And it was a very good shock coz I can't remember when I laughed so hard as it was that evening with you! It's difficult to say what is more important in your show - magic tricks or your outstanding artistism. Your humour is brilliant and improvisation is unbelievable! Truly - still laughing when watching a video which I took there! And frankly speaking, I regret that did not come to you after show to thank individually. Jus looked at you for some moments and went away. Anyways, I hope you will win any Copperfields or other top magicians of the world, coz you're winner! Thanx! Take care! Sincerely yours - Irina from Russia

Shailender » India
We were left spell bound.

--Vice President, ORACLE - INDIA.

Krishan Dhawan » India

--Managing Director, ORACLE - INDIA.

Sheshagiri » India
Absolutely unbelievable. Edmundo is bewitchingly magical and wonderful.

--Director, Sales - ORACLE - INDIA.

Nathan Da Conceicao » London
Dude u rock i love ur magic remember me from goa...

Clifford » India
Witnessing the show of Edmundo was certainly a very significant landmark for me as a magician. It is encouraging to see magic of such a high standard being performed in India . The 30 minute show by Edmundo kept the audience spellbound and there was not a dull moment in the show.Remarkabily the best live magic performance I have ever witnessed.
Cliford Parakh/Commander-Indian Navy.

Moninder » Jalandhar
Edmundo, We loved your performance so much that I rated that evening seeing you true amazing performence, the best time I spent during my vist to GOA. I will definately love to see your performance again with my family and pray to god to BLESS YOU WITH LOTS OF SUCCESS in your life

Ramesh Shah » mumbai
An original and captivating show. Thanks - we really enjoyed it

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